May 16 Canvas Release

Canvas is updated every month with new features and fixes. The Macomb CTL posts new release highlights to our blog at  Please contact us at if you have questions about Canvas releases.

May 16 Release

Please see the New Feature Screencast for a demonstration of the updates in this release:


Link Validator Celebration

You will see an animated celebration when running the Link Validator and no issues are found.



This encourages instructors to use the Link Validator and to resolve all broken links.  The animation may be disabled from your Account Settings if desired.


SMS Notification Types Deprecation

All SMS notification types have been discontinued except Announcements and Grading.


Instructors and students will still receive ALL notifications as normal via email and Canvas app, as well all mobile push notifications related to those emails.  The only feature being affected is the ability to send a text message to a mobile phone number.


The complete production release notes for this release are available on the Canvas Community.

The next Canvas production release will be available Saturday, June 20, with release notes available Monday, May 25.


Images on this page are from the Canvas Guides and Release Notes, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Agreement.

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