We know what you want

We know you better than you think. Even if you’ve never been to the CTL at Macomb, called us, emailed us, or even heard of us, we do know something about you. To prove it, we’re going to tell you something about yourself right now…. ready?

Ok, here goes: you understand the importance of using visuals in your classroom presentations, and you love free stuff.

See, we do know you!

Check out this informative post from Six Revisions: sixrevisions.com/resources/15-best-places-for-designers-to-get-free-stock-photos-online. As you can probably tell from the URL, this post provides links to 15 of the best online sources for FREE stock photos.

You can use images to reinforce concepts, add interest, provide visual anchors and even inject some humor into your course handouts and presentations. Use quality images, and resist the temptation to use clip art… please, we beg you!

As always, if you would like help incorporating visual elements into your teaching materials, we’re here to help!

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