Are textbooks dying?

If you’ve been to a college bookstore lately, you know how expensive textbooks are, and you also know how much students love to drop $200 on a book they’ll use for 6 weeks! With e-textbooks becoming more common, and new technologies like the Kindle and iPad for easier reading of digital materials, traditional text books should be on their death bed, right?!

Well, no, not exactly. At least, not yet. E-textbooks are still not consistently cheap enough to justify replacement of their traditional paper counterparts, and you can’t exactly sell a digital book back to the bookstore. You could, however, incorporate video, audio, animations, and interactive multimedia in an e-textbook, which is quite an intriguing idea, don’t you think?

The technology is still relatively new, and debate over its application is heating up. Click the link below to listen to an interview of higher-ed professionals, as they discuss the topic during last Fall’s annual Educause meeting.

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