10 Hot Tips – PowerPoint

PowerPoint is just one of those things in life that we, as educators, will have to encounter, whether we like it or not! If done right, it can be an asset to our teaching toolbox. Since we’re going to be using it at some point, let’s become more efficient! Here are a few tips that will kick-off the new “10 Hot Tips” series. Enjoy!

  1. Slide show mode:  press F5 on the keyboard to enter slideshow mode from 1st slide.
  2. Slide show mode from current: press SHIFT-F5 on the keyboard to enter slideshow mode from current slide.
  3. Go to previous: press the left arrow key on the keyboard to advance backwards when in slideshow mode.
  4. Exit slidehow:  press the ESC key on the keyboard to exit.
  5. Black-out: press the B key on the keyboard shortcut to black-out the screen when in slideshow mode (press B again to cancel).
  6. White-out: press the W key on the keyboard to white-out screen when in slideshow mode (press W again to cancel).
  7. Annotation:  when in slideshow mode, right-click and choose a pen or highlighter from the Pointer Options menu. Return to that menu and select the eraser to clear annotations, or choose the arrow to return to cancel the annotation tool.
  8. Change case: to quickly toggle text cases from lower, to title, to upper case, simply highlight the text then press SHIFT-F3 on they keyboard.
  9. Dual-view: to view a preview of your slideshow while editing, CTRL-click on the “Slideshow from current slide button” located in the bottom-left corner of the edit window. You may need to re-size the main edit window so the two don’t overlap. To close the window, click on it then press the ESC key.
  10. Auto-fit text: if your text is automatically resizing to fit within its text box, and you don’t want it to (this drives me crazy sometimes!), turn this feature off by selecting the Tools menu, then Options, then choose the Edit tab and un-check the “autofit text to placeholder” option.

Do you have any useful tips of your own that you’d like to share? Drop them in the comments section below!

(Cartoon from above was originally posted here.)

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