CTL Idea Exchange – Episode 3


Thank you to Matthew for his time and participation! We covered a lot of ground in the interview, and Matthew brought up a number of interesting and important ideas. Please share your thoughts with Matthew and other Macomb faculty by leaving a comment below!

Following up on Monique’s Idea Exchange, Matthew is searching for more feedback on your experience incorporating group work into the classroom. Have you tried this? What worked for you? What did not work? Have you seen examples of technology being used in the classroom when it DOESN’T enhance student learning? How do you avoid that problem? How do you get students involved in the process?

Here are a few links to the technologies that Matthew mentioned, all of which we can assist you with in the CTL!

  • ANGEL – Macomb’s learning management system
  • TurningPoint – audience response system, a.k.a. “clickers”
  • Lecture Capture – using tools like Camtasia, Audacity and FlipCams to record videos and Podcasts of classroom demos and presentations

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