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August 17 Canvas Release

Canvas is updated every month with new features and fixes. The Macomb CTL posts new release highlights to our blog at emacomb.com.  Please contact us at ctlsupport@macomb.edu if you have questions about Canvas releases.

August 17 Release

Please see the New Feature Screencast for a review of the updates in this release:


Internet Explorer No Longer Supported for Canvas

Please be advised that Canvas has officially ended support of the Internet Explorer browser.  In March 2018, Canvas downgraded IE to a “functionally-supported” browser and used browser notifications to warn users of the decreased level of support.  In April 2019, Canvas announced that IE support would be terminated.  As of August 3, if you attempt to use Canvas with IE, you will see the notification above.  We recommend switching to a fully-supported browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and setting it as your default browser.  For further discussion, please see the Canvas Community.

Alternatives to Treat Ungraded As Zero

As we begin the Fall semester, we’re reminding faculty NOT to use Treat Ungraded Items as Zero because once selected, it cannot be reversed. The feature also places dashes in the Gradebook for ungraded assignments, but will calculate the student’s final grade as if the student received a zero on the assignment.

To a similar goal, we recommend these alternatives:


The complete production release notes for this release are available on the Canvas Community.

The next Canvas production release will be available Saturday, September 21, with release notes available Monday, August 26.


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