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Facebook for Academia

Annnnd, we’re back! The mad dash at the beginning of the semester has subsided, and we’ve got some new bits of instructional technology goodness to share with you. To kick things off today, let’s take a look at www.Academia.edu, which has been affectionately referred to as the “Facebook for academia!”

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Skinny Files

If you missed it, we just added a new workshop to our Professional Development offerings. What are “skinny files,” and why should you care?! Well, I’m glad you asked, because I placed the workshop handout online for your viewing pleasure. Click on the image below!

PS: Thank you to “C-Weck” (one of our favorite blog readers and a member of the CTL team) for discovering Issuu.com, the online file/document hosting service that we used to host this Skinny Files PDF. It’s Pretty slick, isn’t it? Can you see uses for this service in your classroom? Look for more useful documents on the CTL’s Issuu page soon!

In 140 Characters or Less…

As the CTL Blog takes shape and gains in popularity, I will be inviting guest bloggers to join the party. This week, help me welcome Deb Armstrong, Assistant Director of the CTL, as she shares some interesting thoughts on the Internet’s latest superstar. We are, of course, talking about Twitter! You may be surprised to learn that Twitter has a number of educational uses. When a website’s name becomes a verb (as Google did), you KNOW it’s time to take notice! Do you “tweet?”

Is it true that we don’t deeply understand something until we can explain it succinctly? If so, Twitter is a great tool to help students summarize and share concepts, theories, and even stories in your discipline. Consider this: In early 2009, subscribers to Twitter (the microblogging tool that supports quick-hit communication in 140 characters or less) were challenged to summarize Shakespeare’s plays in Tweets…

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