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March 9 Canvas Release

Canvas is updated every third Saturday with new features and fixes. The Macomb CTL posts new release highlights to our blog at emacomb.com.  Please contact us at ctlsupport@macomb.edu if you have any questions about Canvas releases.

March 9 Release

Please view the New Feature Screencast for a demonstration of the updates in this release:


Assessment Audit – Moderated Assignments

NOTE: This update only applies for instructors who have opted into the Moderated Grading feature for their course.  This allows multiple reviewers to grade student assignments.

The March 9 update streamlines the process for graders to view the audit trail  from within SpeedGrader:

Previously, instructors had to activate a separate Feature Option to view the audit trail.  Now, you’ll find a link directly in SpeedGrader.  The audit trail shows all actions taken on the assignment by all graders.


Discussion Topic Author Search

Instructors are now able to search discussion topics using a student’s name.  Previously, discussion search was limited to topic keywords only.  You will find the Discussion Search box at the Discussions link in your Course Navigation menu.



New Gradebook: Override Final Grade CSV Export

NOTE: This update only applies for instructors who have opted into the New Gradebook. By the end of 2019, the New Gradebook will replace the existing Gradebook. We’ll keep you updated as the deployment timeframe is announced.

The Override Grade feature deployed in the previous release introduced the ability for instructors to override the final calculated grade with a letter grade of the instructor’s choosing:

In this release, the Override column has been added to the CSV file generated for a Gradebook Export (accessible from the Settings gear at top right of gradebook).

At this time, you may not import a CSV file containing the Override column into a Canvas Gradebook.

The complete production release notes for this release are available on the Canvas Community.

The next Canvas release will be deployed Saturday, March 30, with release notes available Monday, March 18.


Images on this page are from the Canvas Guides and Release Notes, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Agreement.