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February 15 Canvas Release

Canvas is updated every month with new features and fixes. The Macomb CTL posts new release highlights to our blog at emacomb.com.  Please contact us at ctlsupport@macomb.edu if you have questions about Canvas releases.

February 15 Release

Please watch the New Feature Screencast for a review of the updates in this release:

Gradebook Import – Ignore Reserved Names

This change will impact instructors who import their own CSV files into the Canvas Gradebook.  The Gradebook will now ignore any reserved name columns or hidden/deleted custom columns and not import them into the Canvas Gradebook.  Examples of reserved column names include Student, ID, SIS User ID, SIS Login ID, Section, and other information taken directly from your institution’s SIS (Student Information System database such as Datatel, Ellucian, etc.)

This change will prevent instructors from accidentally overwriting any information in these columns – if instructors accidentally use a CSV column named “Section,” for example, it will be ignored during import, and the original SIS-supplied value kept in the Gradebook.

Many instructors do not import CSVs and therefore will notice no change.

Direct Share

COMING SOON:  Canvas is planning a new content sharing feature for instructors, and we’re in the process of evaluating the feature for use at Macomb.  The Direct Share feature will allow you to share module items – pages, assignments, quizzes, files – with other instructors.  Click the three-dot icon to use the feature.  The three dots are located on both the Modules page and on individual pages or assignments.

You may send items to any instructor at Macomb.  The recipient will see a notification in the Account area of the Global Navigation menu:

Click Account > Shared Content to see details of the shared item:

The recipient can then import the content into one of their courses or delete it.

A related new feature is Copy To… , which allows you to copy a module item from one of your courses to another. (You must be an instructor in both courses.)  You’ll find the Copy To feature directly below the Send To feature in the three-dot menu.

You may then choose the destination course and module where you’d like to place the copied content.


The complete production release notes for this release are available on the Canvas Community.

The next Canvas production release will be available Saturday, March 21, with release notes available Tuesday, February 18.


Images on this page are from the Canvas Guides and Release Notes, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Agreement.