CTL Support

Our Mission: to create and provide a supportive environment for faculty to experiment, explore, develop, implement, and share ideas and experiences for the advancement of student-centered teaching.

How We Help: by partnering with and providing leadership for faculty, instructional administrators, and staff in creating effective learning processes that engage students and assesses their learning.

Department areas of focus

Center for Teaching and Learning Labs (South & Center): The labs each house faculty workstations, a faculty and staff training room, and Instructional Technology Specialists.

Learning Management System (LMS) Technical Support: The Online Learning (OL) department is responsible for the technical support and management of the LMS.

Pedagogical Support: The Instructional Technology department is responsible for the pedagogical training and support for online, hybrid, and web-enhanced classes.

Instructional Design Support: The Instructional Technology department supports faculty in designing their courses by helping them incorporate Quality Matters (QM) principles, ensure accessibility, copyright, and intellectual property guideline compliance, discover and deploy content and assessment resources, and recommending engaging media usage.

Media Support: The Instructional Technology department manages and supports media solutions for video conferencing, capture, editing, storage, and embedding with the College’s LMS.

Professional Development: The department also develops on-ground and online options in the areas of online teaching, technology learning tools, developing presentations, accessibility, and copyright. Support is also provided for institutional events including Faculty Academy, Institutional Development Day, Curriculum Day, Adjunct Institute, New Adjunct Faculty Orientation, Adjunct Faculty Development Day as well as external PD opportunities.

Classroom Technology Support: The Instructional Technology Department supports the use of select classroom technologies that promote learning opportunities for students inside and outside the walls of the classroom.

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