June 22 Canvas Release

Canvas is updated every third Saturday with new features and fixes. The Macomb CTL posts new release highlights to our blog at emacomb.com.  Please contact us at ctlsupport@macomb.edu if you have questions about Canvas releases.

June 22 Release

Please watch the New Feature Screencast for a review of the updates in this release:


Gradebook: Student Groups Filter

The Gradebook now allows you to apply a filter based on Student Groups.  To activate the filter, click to View > Filters > Student Groups.  This will add a Student Group filter menu directly above the gradebook, which will let you show students from all groups, or from individual groups.  (You may also activate all four filters at once: Assignment Groups, Modules, Sections, and Student Groups.)

Click within the drop-down menu to choose the student group you want to display:

To see the full effect of this update, be sure to toggle Group under Secondary Info in the Student Name column (click three dots in Student Name heading cell):

This will list all groups the student belongs to underneath their name.


Discussions: Student Interface Update

If you have disabled the ability for students to edit or delete their discussion posts, that now reflects in the student’s view of the discussion.  Clicking the Settings menu (three dots) within a post will clearly show the student that their Edit and Delete permissions have been disabled.  This provides more transparent communication to the student that the instructor has disabled editing or deleting posts for this course.

Recall that you may activate or disable the Student Settings for Discussions under Discussions > Discussion Settings (gear in upper right) > Student Settings:


The complete production release notes for this release are available on the Canvas Community.

The next Canvas release will be deployed Saturday, July 13, with release notes available Monday, July 1.


Images on this page are from the Canvas Guides and Release Notes, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Agreement.

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