Winter 2019 CTL Professional Development Brochure

We are pleased to announce the release of the Winter 2019 CTL Professional Development Brochure.


New workshops this semester:

Canvas Groups

Increase engagement in your course by assigning students to Canvas Groups to collaborate on assignments, presentations and projects. Within Canvas Groups, students may share files, message their group, and create announcements, pages, discussions, conferences and collaborations.

In this workshop you will:

  • Set up Groups
  • Create a Group Assignment
  • Visit a Group
  • Grade a Group Assignment

Collaborating in Canvas

Collaboration among students and faculty is possible in Canvas using either Google Drive or the Office 365 OneDrive. This allows students to simultaneously work on the same document with others in the class. A few examples of how this solution might be used are team projects, practice activities and peer reviews.In this workshop you will:

  • Create a collaboration in Canvas using Google Drive
  • Create collaborations in Canvas using Office 365
  • Interact as both a teacher and student using each interface
  • Reflect on the benefits / challenges of using collaboration tools


Explore Canvas Quizzes with your colleagues while working asynchronously on replacing your on-ground Scantrons or paper assessments with online quizzes or surveys! In this workshop, you will create online graded and non-graded quizzes and surveys using the Quiz tool. Hidden gems, such as the Moderate This Quiz feature, Quiz Analytics, Question Groups and Question Banks will be covered. As always, course facilitators are available for questions and feedback!


Rubrics can be a great way to communicate and manage expectations for an assignment and how your students will be assessed. You may already be using rubrics as a part of your grading process, but did you know that Canvas has a rubric feature that can expedite and ease your grading process?

In this workshop you will:

  • Design a rubric using measurable criteria
  • Identify rubric options and settings
  • Create a Canvas rubric
  • Grade using your Canvas rubric
  • Reflect on designing, creating and grading using rubrics

Please review the Professional Development Brochure and register for workshops in the Noncredit/Continuing Education area of WebAdvisor on MyMacomb. 

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