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After the first couple months of using Canvas at Macomb, faculty members are providing a great deal of positive feedback. We reached out to a number of your peers to share their thoughts.

First, we highlight which features Canvas has to offer that stood out as most beneficial. Psychology professor Edie Wakevainen had this to say:

“For in-class activities and tests, I can easily post to the Canvas Gradebook. In my online classes, Canvas makes discussion forums easy for students and for me. The SpeedGrader option allows me to read posts and post grades and comments quickly and easily using an iPad app.”

Media and Communication Arts (MACA) professor, Brian Sauriol, likes how well Canvas handles large files:

“I can literally receive a (large) file, 200 MB or more, and in minutes not hours, send them a movie back to correct any errors, or set them straight toward the project solution.”

Business Law faculty member Jennifer Gornicki also finds the SpeedGrader in Canvas a huge time-saver:

“This has worked well and has cut down the amount of time I need to spend in grading assignments.”

Francette Fey, Astronomy faculty member, really appreciates how her students have responded to Canvas:

“The greatest benefit to Canvas for me has been my student responses. They like Canvas! I haven’t had one single student complaint about Canvas. I started using Canvas this past summer and I haven’t had to field any “how do I do…” questions in canvas from my Students.”

Our faculty members also had a few remarks regarding Canvas’ ease of use and how it has helped improve the way they teach online. Edie shares her thoughts:

“I’ve also noticed some unexpected benefits of using Canvas. First, it’s so easy to comment on students’ work and for them to respond to the comments. Second, students have absolutely no trouble with Canvas. Even those new to learning management systems just get it, and that’s wonderful.”

Here are a few additional thoughts about Canvas that Brian wanted to share:

From idea inception to final project execution, Canvas is flawless, fun, and fully encompassing! Everything in Canvas is well planned, easy to access, and very easy to design new courses from the ground up. The memory allocation is off the charts! Uploads, Module organization, SpeedGrader, posts, student interaction are nearly intuitive.”

Francette says that transitioning from Angel to Canvas was extremely easy:

“I was a huge Angel fan. I loved Angel, and expected the switch to be painful. I thought it was going to take forever for me to learn to like Canvas. I feel bad, I haven’t missed Angel at all. Not even a little bit…

I hope everyone enjoys Canvas as much as I have. It’s a great platform! It’s the best I have ever used!”

Jennifer adds:

The transition this semester has been relatively easy. The courses have been running smoothly and I haven’t been asked many technical or course format questions from students. Canvas is intuitive.”

And finally, Jennifer has this advice for colleagues who are about to transition their courses to Canvas from ANGEL:

“My recommendation for teachers who need to convert their courses from ANGEL into Canvas is to start from scratch. I had moved my materials over from ANGEL and realized after two – three weeks of modifying documents, revising assignments, etc. that it would have been easier to have started fresh.”

Overall, Canvas has been well received by faculty for its intuitive qualities, ease of use and exciting new features. The Center for Teaching and Learning is here to keep you regularly updated with news about Canvas and the support you need to transition to Canvas quickly and easily.

Please share your own experiences with Canvas and let us know how we can help you make the transition from ANGEL easier.

Stay tuned to our blog next month as we highlight the Canvas experience from the student perspective!

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