Hungry students?

Today,the topic of Instructional Technology is taking a back seat to something more important. Please read on.

We have hungry students attending classes at Macomb, and probably more than you think. In fact, we have homeless students among us. Can you image sitting through hours of lecture, then leaving campus wondering if you’ll be able to have a warm meal that night? I can’t imagine that. And we think our lives are stressful?!

The Macomb Community College Student Life and Leadership Office (formerly Student Activities) has teamed up with Gleaner’s Food bank to create the Food for Thought Student Food Pantry, and your contributions are needed!

The program offers non-perishable food items to students and their families who are impacted by financial hardship. Donations can be brought to the South Campus office in SK-342, or the Center Campus office in CP-127 . Or, you can contact the Student Life and Leadership Office to request a pickup.

For more details on the program, including; what foods are needed, how to refer students in need, and general info on how the food is distributed, please click here, or on the image above to view a PDF of the informational brochure.

If you are reading this entry from another institution, your mission is simple: find out if your school has a food pantry. If they don’t, get one started. For advice and to exchange ideas, please feel free to contact Macomb’s Student Life and Leadership Office.

Go home, raid your pantry, and bring some food in for donation!

One response to “Hungry students?

  1. Deborah Armstrong

    Thanks for highlighting this important community service! I wonder how many faculty members have made announcements about this in their classes? I think it’s important that students are aware of the food pantry not only so the hungry can have something to eat, but so that those with a surplus (even a little surplus) can contribute. Supporting the community … and this is such an easy way to do this … is a terrific part of the college experience.


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