CTL Idea Exchange – Episode 4


Lena, thank you for participating! And so… what do YOU think?

Are you interested in sharing ideas with other MCC faculty who are using ANGEL? Are you curious about how your colleagues use the ANGEL, and how they deal with common issues that occur in the online classroom? Lena is not the first to present this idea of a round table session for instructors, so we think she may be onto something here. If we get enough feedback (hint, hint), the CTL would be happy to help organize an ANGEL meeting of the minds!

Also, Lena mentioned that her students actually like her PowerPoint presentations. Imagine that! She uses slide shows as a guide for her lectures and to present the main ideas of the lesson. The visual elements that she incorporates add interest to the lesson, and provide an opportunity for students to create visual anchors to the material. Many of her slides are used to generate class discussion, which acts to further reinforce important concepts, by getting the students actively involved in the learning process. Way to go, Lena, you are on the path to Zen!

How do YOU use PowerPoint in your classroom? Do you have any other interesting ideas to share? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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