PowerPoint Comedy

It’s the oldest teaching trick in the book… and it never fails to bring your students [back] to life. And that trick is humor! Sometimes, as educators, we take ourselves a little too seriously (what?! never!). Find cartoons related to your subject, bring in some crazy props, and try something new! Your students will appreciate it! We are, after all, “on stage” while we’re teaching.

Speaking of humor, I’ve stumbled upon an interesting video that I think we can all appreciate. It’s a stand-up comedy routine by Don McMillan, a PHD-holding comedian, called “Life After Death by PowerPoint.” His bit on PowerPoint is hilarious… and also very true. Enjoy!


2 responses to “PowerPoint Comedy

  1. A stand-up comic using PowerPoint – that is amazing!

    I agree that it is great if we are able to use humor and even better is we are able to use relevant humor. What I mean is that cracking jokes helps put people at ease and breaks things up a bit, but the humor that is related to the topic helps make it memorable. If we are able to describe a humorous situation that we can all learn from can have a positive impact on the learning and retention.

    One resource I just discovered where you may be able to find relevant resources is http://www.dilbert.com. You can use the search tool to find relevant comic strips from those quirky office characters.

  2. Soooooo Funny! Made my day!

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