Discussion Forum Coolness

As you probably know by now, the college’s LMS, ANGEL has recently been upgraded! Many of these new features will improve both the instructor and student experience. For example, the Discussion Forums have received a make-over, and we’d like to share a few of those improvements with you now!

1.  You earn five stars! “Peer Rating” is a new Discussion Forum feature that allows students to rate each others posts based on a 5-star scale. Posts can be sorted by ratings, and they can be used in scoring rubrics.

2. Colorize! Would you like to easily differentiate your discussion forum posts from your students’ posts? Now, you can change the color of your posts to make it easier to view and grade forums!

3.  Post First! Do find patters in your students’ forum posts… almost as though they are “borrowing” ideas from prior posts? If so, the“Post First” option is for you! This setting can be enabled when you’re first creating a forum, and when activated, students must create a new post before they can view or reply to other student’s posts.

If you’d like to try these new features, contact us anytime and we’d be happy to help!

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