CTL Idea Exchange – Episode One!


Thank you for watching the first episode of the CTL Idea Exchange. Monique is eager to receive your feedback on facilitating group projects. Please join the conversation by leaving comments!

5 responses to “CTL Idea Exchange – Episode One!

  1. Matt Meerhaeghe

    While I am part of the counseling and advising faculty I try to keep up with what is going on with teaching faculty using technology as part of their teaching techniques. Some of the counselors teach courses and both the counseling and advising staff use various technology applications for presentations, workshops, orientations, etc… I also have enjoyed incorporating the powerpoint in our presentations to better engage the students and we are working on some camtasia applications. Not having a lot of class room teaching experience I can not lend a lot of assistance with the group work cells however, if the groups become smaller possibly two groups can be combined to share their challenges and their solutions and see how they can come up with an alternative conclusions to their work projects and this may simulate the changing work dynamics that they will encounter in the business atmosphere.

  2. Enjoyed the video.
    How can I get camtasia?
    Keep up the good work.

    What is the business of America?

  3. If you would like a copy of Camtasia, please make that request through your department. If you have questions, please contact us in the CTL. Just to clarify, we used a standard video camera to record this interview, not Camtasia!

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