‘Tis the season for file sharing!

No, not THAT kind of file sharing (whatever happened to the Napster kid, anyway?). We’re talking about the legal kind. We’re talking about instructors sharing files with other instructors.  For example, if you’re a Math instructor, and would like to provide new instructors in your department with lesson plan suggestions, useful links, and shared handouts, how do you distribute those useful files?

At Macomb, everyone knows about “The P Drive,” and we also know that it’s not the safest, most practical solution for collaboration. And no one wants to bother with email file attachments if they don’t have to. You do have other options!

The first, and most college-friendly option for file sharing among departments is through ANGEL, our institution’s LMS of choice. ANGEL offers a feature called the Learning Object Repository, or “L-O-R” for short. Each instructor with an ANGEL account has their own LOR, where files can be stored and shared to any of their ANGEL courses. The LOR is much more than that, however. Folders can be shared between ANGEL instructors, and even throughout an entire department. To access the LOR, simply click the button that looks like a folder from the Power Strip. To get help setting up a shared LOR for multiple instructors or an entire department, contact ANGEL support (angelsupport@macomb.edu) and they can get you started!

The second option, and the necessary option for sharing files with instructors that aren’t (yet) an ANGEL user, is to use an online storage service. There are MANY to choose from. Some offer a limited amount of space for free, and expanded storage for a fee. Others are completely free, though may not offer the same amount of control and polish. Almost all of these services provide sharing capabilities, which would allow you to grant other users free access to your files via a link or through a Login ID. Here are a few resources to check out:

If you’re interested in trying one of these services out, and would like a little help, use the Contact Us page to schedule an appoint with us in the CTL!

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